Chronic Bad Breath? It Could Be a Sign of Periodontal Disease

Chronic Bad Breath? It Could Be a Sign of Periodontal Disease

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Have you noticed you have bad breath a lot of the time? Has it become an embarrassing issue that causes you to reach for gum or mints more often than you think you should? In many cases, bad breath has a direct cause, such as the things you eat or the way you brush your teeth. However, chronic bad breath could be a possible sign of periodontal disease.

Aman Bhullar, DMD of The Glen Dental in San Jose, California, can help you tackle your bad breath problem and to find out if it could be caused by a more serious issue.

How does periodontal disease lead to bad breath?

A strange kind of chemical reaction in the mouth that is the result of periodontal disease is actually the culprit behind many individuals’ chronic halitosis. The bacteria and pathogens that arise as a result of plaque building up on the teeth interact with peptides and proteins in your gingival fluid, which hydrolyzes the latter. This leads to the creation of sulfur compounds that result in the chronic bad smell.

What are the other signs of periodontal disease?

Bad breath isn’t the only sign of periodontal disease, and even if it is persistent, it could potentially be caused by other possible conditions as well, such as chronic dry mouth. Look for these other signs of gum disease in order to be more certain that this is indeed the issue.

  • Swollen and red gums
  • Gums that are tender to the touch
  • Bleeding gums caused by eating, flossing, or brushing
  • Gums that seem to be receding from the teeth
  • Pus around the gumline
  • A change in your bite
  • Persistent sores in your mouth that do not go away

In addition, some people also have a greater personal risk of developing periodontal diseases. These include individuals who:

  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Are over 70 years old
  • Have a genetic predisposition toward periodontal disease
  • Take antidepressants, oral contraceptives, and certain types of heart medications
  • Struggle with severe feelings of stress
  • Grind or clench their teeth habitually

If you have any of these risk factors, or you notice some of the other signs of periodontal disease, it is time to seek help from someone like Dr. Bhullar who can definitively tell you if your chronic bad breath is the work of gum disease.

How can I be treated for periodontal disease?

If you do, in fact, have periodontal disease and it is the root cause of your halitosis, there are a number of different dental treatments available for this issue. Depending on the severity, some of the treatments don’t require surgery, and the issue can be resolved through a process of scaling and root planing.

To remedy chronic bad breath, and all of your oral health care needs, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bhullar at The Glen Dental. Give the office a call at (408) 816-1008 to schedule a consultation. You can also send us a message online.

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