Not Your Grandparents' Dentures — How Modern Dentures Enhance Your Smile

Not Your Grandparents' Dentures — How Modern Dentures Enhance Your Smile

More than 40 million Americans wear dentures to restore their smile and their confidence after losing some or all of their natural teeth. If dentures are in your future, you might be worried about how they’ll look, feel, or work.

The good news is, today’s dentures are a far cry from the dentures your grandparents wore. At The Glen Dental, our dentures are crafted using the most advanced technology and materials to keep our patients comfortable, confident, and satisfied.

Here are five ways today’s dentures can enhance your smile.

#1: They restore your confidence

Your smile is front and center, so it’s not surprising that it has a major bearing on the impression you make on others. When you’re missing teeth, your smile looks old, worn, and uncared for, and that can take a big toll on your self-esteem. Today’s beautiful, natural-looking dentures restore your smile so you feel more confident in all sorts of social settings.

#2: They make eating enjoyable

There’s a big social component to sharing a meal with friends and family. With dentures, worries about embarrassing denture slippage replaces the enjoyment of eating. Today’s dentures fit very securely, so you don’t have to worry about dislodging them when you bite and chew. Plus, new materials allow you to enjoy a much wider range of foods compared to the food restrictions associated with “old-fashioned” dentures.

#3: They can help you look younger

Most people don’t realize the impact their teeth have on their face shape — until they start losing teeth. Your teeth provide considerable support for your cheeks and for the skin around your mouth. When teeth are missing, you can develop a “sucked in,” sunken look that instantly ages you. Dentures restore the normal contours of your face, so you look more youthful and healthier.

#4: They look like real teeth

When your grandparents were getting dentures, the technology wasn’t available to custom shape each tooth for a natural look. That meant most dentures had a squared-off, one-size-fits-all shape that made them easy to spot. Today’s dentures use advanced design techniques to achieve a truly custom appearance that’s indistinguishable from natural teeth.

#5: They can be used with implants

Removable dentures are popular, but for optimal convenience, our dentures can be attached using dental implants, titanium posts embedded in your jaw bone. Most upper and lower dentures can be securely attached to your jaw with just four implants so they feel and work just like natural teeth.

Change your smile, change your life

Replacing missing teeth is good for your oral health, your appearance, and your confidence. With today’s modern materials and technology, dentures can give an instant upgrade to your smile. 

To learn more about dentures at our San Jose, California, practice, book an appointment online or over the phone with The Glen Dental today.

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