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Aliki - dental implants patient
"I Was Struggling With Trying To Find My Sense Of Normalcy - Trying To Talk Trying To Fit In."

My name is Aliki Alemu and I’m getting an All-on-4 for treatment with Dr. Bhullar. The problem started basically on just bad habits that are equivalent to bad hygiene. I start having problems where it was difficult to sleep. I started to feel the sharp pains and it was constant and wouldn’t go away. I got this little paste thing called oral gel and it actually worked. It was like a Band-Aid of a temporary fix and then afterward, that’s where everything started happening because I didn’t take care of it and then things got infected. There are several teeth that got extracted from my jawline and that’s where it brought me today. I’m struggling with trying to find a sense of normalcy, trying to talk, trying to fit in, confidence at its all-time low.

I start having problems where it was difficult to sleep. I started to feel the sharp pains and it was constant and wouldn't go away.

aliki listening about dental implant options

Dr. Bhullar:

It came in on Monday morning after speaking to him on Friday. And I knew that we needed to help this young man. We were moved by his presentation and his story and the suffering that he’s had for many years with his smile. We were able to quickly move him to the process and take care of him within three weeks of his actual first contact to the office.


I need Dr. Bhullar to have arrived from our treatment from our initial Zoom conversation. You could feel that honest and direct communication. Having that honesty basically made me feel that I could work with him and he can work with me and it was just, all right, let’s do this.

Dr. Bhullar:

For Aliki, we discussed the possible scenarios where we can make a partial denture for him. We could do some bridges for him or we could consider the implant solution where we can have a nice, harmonious, symmetrical smile that he was proud of. So we removed his remaining teeth in it, multiple layers that had to K, and were able to place six implants and we were able to do this in a morning. He also had this procedure under IV sedation, so he’s very comfortable through the procedure. We were able to provide medications during the appointment and his post-operative experiences were very favorable.


This is a miracle. I never thought this could happen night after what happened in the past. The delays basically are like, “I see you. I hear you. Let’s go in here.”

Dr. Bhullar:

Through the power of 3D digital technology and the digital workflow that we implement in our practice, we were able to have his full upper set of teeth ready, prepared customized in our office to deliver for him. We had a great afternoon, revealing his new smile, and we’re really excited for the future for him.


Thank you, Dr. Bhullar, for everything, from taking me from a place where I was with no confidence and a place of just trying to hope for a better life to grow in my hand, and making it real, and bringing the hope to fruition. The warmness, the kindness, having empathy for me as a person, it’s a miracle. It’s life-changing and I just feel I owe everything to you. Thank you, Dr. Bhullar. Thank you, staff members, for everything. I Love You guys.

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