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tina - all-on-4 patient
"With Dental Implants I Don't Have To Clean Take Out Or Worry About My Teeth Anymore!"

I had a lot of tooth, enamel erosion. I think that’s the name of it and so, not going to the dentist for a long time, it wore down my teeth, dinner dinner, dinner. Discoloration in my teeth. I think, from the age of 30, until I’m 51 now, I always hid my smile and didn’t like it. But when I got in around 45 is when I started my back teeth upper teeth, start falling out cracking, and during covid, from wearing the mask every day and just not getting the right moisture in my mouth, I noticed that my front teeth were starting to feel very fragile.

I think, from the age of 30, until I'm 51 now, I always hid my smile and didn't like it.

tina looking at bhullar as he points to implant model

Dr. Bhullar:

Tina is a beautiful lady inside and out. When we got to meet Tina, we could see that she had suffered for several years from just the previous dental challenges that she’s had. She had some missing teeth, missing front teeth. She was really lacking confidence, took a little bit of time to develop her trust. But once we were able to explain the procedures and the steps that we’ve been able to provide for her, she was all on board.

So we saw Tina, we take care of Tina on one morning, provided the services by IV sedation for her. We were able to remove all of the remaining failing teeth for her, and we were able to apply six implants for her, and then we have provided her a fixed solution the next day.


Once those ugly teeth were gone when I came out of surgery, I felt like a different person, just by the teeth gone. So I wanted to do everything that I always wanted to do, but hadn’t because of my teeth.

Dr. Bhullar:

It’s been a wonderful transformation to see in her life. She shared with us that she’d never been on an airplane and she’s over the age of 50 and it’s something that we take for granted nowadays. Her granddaughter had moved to Georgia and she hasn’t seen her in over a year. These challenging times that we evolved lived through over the last couple of years, family means so much to so many people. The power of an embrace with their grandchild can mean so much. So, Tina opened up as we got to be seeing her through her care that she was very excited to be able to see her granddaughter and give her a hug, and just share, and smile with her. That was really touching for our team.


It’s a wonderful thing. I mean, I just can’t describe or tell people, enough. The implants, I don’t have to take them out. I don’t have to clean, I could smile whenever I want, I can eat what I want. I don’t worry about my teeth coming out. Anything like that. I would love to thank everybody at Pinnacle Dental Implant Center, Dr. Bhullar, Terry, all the nursing staff, all the hygienists for the amazing treatment that they are giving me to this day. I feel like they’re more like my family for always checking on me, being there for me, and they all know how much they changed my life.

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